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City Marina Project Area- In and around Yacht Club and City Marina running parallel to Water Street and extending to Cambridge Creek.

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Make Cambridge Resilient - Flood Mitigation Plan

The purpose of this plan was to comprehensively evaluate factors and conditions contributing to both existing and future flooding problems. To the extent feasible, the planning process included the development of flood mitigation and resilience strategies that lended themselves to innovative funding opportunities taking advantage of various desirable co-benefits for the environment, economy, and community.  

This planning project was primarily focused on mitigating flood risks along the Choptank River and Cambridge Creek, which are the primary sources of flooding in the city.


Project Update: October 6, 2022

In August, we received feedback on our FEMA BRIC application that we have well defined project but that we were not selected for an award of our grant.  We were disappointed but not surprised since this was a national competition.  We subsequently used the results of FEMA's review to improve our grant application and re-resubmitted it to MDEM under FEMA's Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) for which the State already has funding under the COVID Disaster Relief Program .  We are proposing a phased approach with  Phase I Design and Permitting and Phase 2 Construction, the same as was proposed under the FEMA BRIC grant program.  If our grant is accepted, it will be forwarded to FEMA Region 3 for approval of award.  We expect to know the outcome by about January 2023.


Flood Risk Reduction Community Workshop 

Date:               March 22, 2022

Time:               5:30 PM

Location:         Dorchester Center for the Arts, 321 High St, Cambridge, MD 21613

Purpose: To provide an opportunity for property owners to obtain information on various flood risk reduction options, grant, and technical assistance opportunities.

Presentations given during the workshop are provided below for your review.   


In an effort to "Make Cambridge Resilient" grant funding has been secured by the City to develop flood mitigation strategies and concept designs for projects within designated "High Risk Area."  Additional content will be added to this project website throughout the planning process. 


Projects have been identified within the "High Risk Area." Each project will include:

  • Flood Vulnerability;

  • Flood Mitigation Strategy Concept Design; and, 

  • Project StoryMap. 

Additional content will be added throughout the plan development process.



A stakeholder group was formed early in the mitigation strategies plan development process.  Stakeholders include a broad cross-section of government agencies, non-profit organizations, and property owners. 

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High Risk Area

Phase 1 is primarily focused on mitigating flood risks along the Choptank River and Cambridge Creek, which are the primary source of current flooding in the City due to high tides, major storms and inadequate stormwater infrastructure. Within the Choptank and Cambridge Creek flood risk zones, five distinct areas characterized by diverse site conditions, shoreline development, and existing flood protection features in need or repair and/or replacement. Phase 1 includes the identified High Risk Area and (5) potential project sites:

  1. Great Marsh Area (Gerry Boyle Park)- largely public property

  2. West End- private property exist along seawall

  3. Yacht Club/City Marina- area where open land extend to Long Wharf

  4. Cambridge Creek- fully developed

  5. Sailwinds- a 24-acre track under development by the Cambridge Waterfront Development Inc.



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City Marina- Hurricane Isabel

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