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City of Cambridge Press Release

City of Cambridge Flood Mitigation Project - Phase 1 Awarded $1,706,800.00

Project Update

In June, BayLand Consultants & Designers, Inc. field surveyors completed a hydrographic survey in tidal waters along the shoreline of the Choptank River. The hydrographic survey was exclusively conducted by boat. At this time, this hydrographic survey work has been completed, however future survey may be needed.​

Hydrographic surveys measure tidal information and other physical features, such as the shape of the shoreline, currents, and water properties. Survey staff will be in Maryland state waters only and will not access any piers or land.

The City of Cambridge is still in the process of performing topographic field survey work to document existing conditions and assess stormwater runoff and flooding as part of the City’s Make Cambridge Resilient Flood Mitigation Project. The City hired BayLand Consultants & Designers, Inc. as consultants to perform the field investigations, assessment, design and permitting for the project. Topographic survey is necessary along waterfront properties from High Street to Pinks Pond and along portions of Water Street, Glenburn Avenue, Belvedere Avenue, Oakley Street, Bay Street, and Hambrooks Avenue. This project is crucial to the City’s efforts to reduce flooding.

BayLand personnel have been intermittently working on and around properties within this area for the various field surveys and assessment work since starting in mid-June. Topographic survey work will continue through the end of July. BayLand personnel wear shirts and/or safety vests with BayLand’s logo. Residents directly impacted by this topographic survey work have been notified by mail. 


Make Cambridge Resilient Initiative

The "Make Cambridge Resilient Initiative" has been expanded beyond the shoreline and stormwater flood risk reduction project to include a community development program.  Recommendations from the "Flood Mitigation Plan" included the identification of additional community improvement planning and projects.  These recommendations formed the basis for the new community development program included under the "Make Cambridge Resilient Initiative."


This website has been updated to include information on all aspects of the "Make Cambridge Resilient Initiative.

Make Cambridge Resilient - Flood Mitigation Plan

The purpose of this plan was to comprehensively evaluate factors and conditions contributing to both existing and future flooding problems. To the extent feasible, the planning process included the development of flood mitigation and resilience strategies that lended themselves to innovative funding opportunities taking advantage of various desirable co-benefits for the environment, economy, and community.  This planning project was primarily focused on mitigating flood risks along the Choptank River and Cambridge Creek, which are the primary sources of flooding in the city.


In an effort to "Make Cambridge Resilient" grant funding has been secured by the City to develop flood risk reduction strategies.   Additional content will be added to this project website throughout the planning process. 


Information specific to the shoreline flood risk reduction project is provided including project description and tentative project design timeline. 



A stakeholder group was formed early in the mitigation strategies plan development process.  Stakeholders include a broad cross-section of government agencies, non-profit organizations, and property owners.  The stakeholder group was updated in October 2023.  



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