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Larry White, Project Manager, Strategic Programs Development, LLC

George W. Hyde, Cambridge City Engineer

Deborah Cooper, Cambridge Finance Director

Patricia Escher, Cambridge Planning & Zoning Manager

Scott Shores, Cambridge GIS/IT Specialist

Dozia Rahilly, Dorchester County Department of Emergency Services Director

Amanda Fenstermaker, Heart of Chesapeake Country Heritage Area  

Herve Hamon, Dorchester County Director of Planning & Zoning

Stacey M. Underwood, USACE Silver Jackets Coordinator

Matt Pluta, Director of  Riverkeeper Programs

Kevin Wagner, Maryland Department of the Environment, Community Assistance Program Manager

Dick Morse, Cambridge Resident and Individual Consultant

Daryl Butcher, Cambridge Waterfront Development Inc (CWDI)

Blake Langford, Maryland Emergency Management Agency

Dr. Ming Li, University of Maryland, Center for Environmental Science, Horn Point Lab

Debbie Herr Cornwell, Maryland Department of Planning

Sandra Tripp-Jones, Cambridge Waterfront Development Inc (CWDI) Director

Sasha Land, Maryland Department of Natural Resources, Coastal Planner

Steve Rideout, Consultant and Former City Council Member for Ward 1

Stakeholder Group Meeting Notes 

May 2021 Stakeholder Field Visit

West End- Flood Wall

Cambridge Site 1.jpeg

Great Marsh Area-Gerry Boyle Park

Cambridge Site 2.jpeg

City Marina

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