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River-Friendly Yards

A River-Friendly Yard mimics the natural environment to benefit water quality. Even if you are not on the waterfront, every drop of water from your property is carried to our rivers. We are learning that stitching together small habitats into conservation corridors may make the essential difference we need for all species, including our own, to thrive. In a time when it is easy to feel despondent about our environmental future, there is real hope in your yard of any size. Enjoy beautiful native plantings; create bird and pollinator habitat; improve soggy lawns and basements; and help ShoreRivers achieve our vision of healthy waterways across Maryland’s Eastern Shore.


ShoreRivers has created material to help residents make thir yards River-Friendly. Click on the cover below to learn about River-Friendly Yards practices, resources, and ShoreRivers' rebate program, so you can leave ready to make positive change in your own backyard.

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